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Creosote Collection

This collection is nearest and dearest to my heart. These colorways are influenced by my home state of Arizona and the smell of creosote in the desert after a long-awaited rainstorm. These are desert chic, nature-inspired colorways reminiscent of desert sunsets, summer monsoons, and the varied Arizona landscape.

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Enchantment Collection

These whimsical colorways embrace the magic of the dye pot. In this collection, you will find colorways that are highly saturated, moody, as well as earthy and herbaceous. Endless possibilities await your magical hands.

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Definition Collection

Bold, deep, saturated colors that can provide the perfect foundation for your capsule wardrobe or that colorwork sweater you've been dying to cast-on. You will find lots of tonals in this collection, perfect for rounding out a fade or providing just the right amount of contrast for your project.

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Outspoken Collection

Bright, fun, and loud colorways that are perfect for shawls and accessories as well as adding a pop of color to your new favorite statement piece! Or go all out and make that hot pink sweater you've always wanted! This collection embraces color and dares you to do the same!

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