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About Us!

Enabling Slow Fashion, Every Day

Small Batch, Artisan Yarn Inspired by Desert Landscapes and City Life 

Sarah standing outdoors in Phoenix, Arizona in front of plants in December

Hi, I’m Sarah!

Growing up in Arizona, it never occurred to me that I lived in a fiber desert...

In 2017, I was working a corporate job, which entailed a lot of travel. Soon, my time in airports and hotels was filled with knitting! As I got deeper and deeper into the craft, my desire for new colors and fibers surpassed what I could find locally. Inspired by my surroundings and looking for a bit of a challenge, I decided to embark on my own fiber journey! 

We believe strongly in the slow fashion movement, and providing the highest quality yarns to support your hand-made wardrobe. Offering a variety of bases, ranging from everyday sock yarns to exclusive luxury bases, it is truly a pleasure to be a part of the garments that we know you will love for years to come! Our flagship line, Less Traveled Yarn has really enabled our small family business (myself and my husband Matt) to take the “Road Less Traveled!” Because of your continued encouragement and support, we are lucky enough to get to do what we love every day, together! 

Thank you for supporting our fiber dreams. :) 

- Sarah & Matt

 Meet the Team! 


Matt and Sarah met while they were both studying Political Science in college. Always up for a challenge, Matt embraced their venture into the yarn industry from the very beginning and immediately began learning everything he could, including how to knit! In addition to his main duties (washing and skeining), Matt has also designs tools and notions, like our buttons, stitch markers, and sock blockers! In his free time, Matt enjoys watching football (go Cardinals!), drinking local beer and wine, and playing with our two dogs, Ollie and PomPom.


Patricia is our dear friend and neighbor, who has been working for us for over a year now. If you attended Vogue Knitting Live in NYC in early 2020 or one of our local events, you may recognize her! Patricia is our Stockist Liaision, so if you’re one of our Stockists and have ordered from us in the last year then you’ve definitely heard from her… Patricia loves connecting with our current and new Stockists and helping them with their orders.

 She is a Texas native, but fell in love with Arizona while attending ASU and decided to stay. She has two rescue dogs - JC, a silly pitbull and Pearl, a foster-fail poodle mix with a bossy attitude. She is a first generation Mexican American and is bilingual.

Allison wearing a sweater outside


Allison started out as a customer and began working with Traveling Yarn in 2020.  As the Customer Experince Associate nothing makes her happier than helping customers find the perfect yarn for their projects!
Once upon a time she was a digital information management librarian but now is trying to turn two Smol Beans into compassionate humans and get her husband to love handknit socks.  She also has two bottle baby cats named Eloise and Malthus (now 8 years old), and one rescue chihuahua mix named Dorothy Parker.  When not saving the menagerie from their certain doom, she knits, crochets, and spins. 

Kathryn is a part-time Certified Veterinary Nurse and full-time fiber enthusiast. She started knitting in 2017 and quickly discovered an affinity for local makers; Traveling Yarn in particular. Thanks to a long-standing Less Traveled Monthly Yarn Club subscription, Kathryn has a stash of Sarah’s colorways that her husband lovingly refers to as "a hoard". When presented with the opportunity to join Sarah and the team Kathryn broke the good news to her husband with “Hey, you know how you have wanted to build a bigger garage? We are going to need to do that.” Kathryn, the impassioned enthusiast, is now a professional evangelist for the LTY brand and, in her girl Friday role, willingly tackles any task that helps support the ever-growing Traveling Yarn community.

Ollie wearing a sweater


This is Ollie. He is a sweet boy and we love him. That's his job! <3



This is PomPom, our 2 year-old Pomeranian! She is all business and gives the best snuggles!